An immersive concept with natural scenery and dynamic moments

Melbourne-based ambience was commissioned by Pattern Studio’s interior designers to develop an outstanding and extraordinary lighting concept for Nagnata’s flagship store in Byron Bay in the Australian state of New South Wales.

Ambience and Nagnata, both companies have sustainability and ecology on their flags

Ambience are Australian lighting design & supply specialists working across all architectural categories.

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Ning Field Lighting Design

Liquid light for Jiaxing Train Station
Jiaxing Railway Station, officially named “The Train Station in the Forest”, is located in the center of Jiaxing, a city south of Shanghai on the railroad line to Kunming.
MAD Architects installed three platforms with six tracks on a 35.4-acre site with a frequency of approximately 2,300 travellers per hour in the basement.
Dongning Wang and his team planned two different lighting concepts for the reconstructed building made of stone with bricks and for the modern one made of glass with concrete, which relate to each other in terms of architecture.

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LIT Lighting Design Awards 2021

The Winners 2021

The LIT Lighting Design Awards (Los Angeles, CA/USA) was created five years ago to recognize the efforts of talented international lighting product designers and lighting implementers. “We have received a collection of incredible works with over 500 applications from 33 countries, making this program a global reference in the lighting industry” said Astrid Hébert, Program Director. “At the LIT Design Awards, we strive to support and promote not only inspired projects and innovation by professional designers but also fresh and stimulating work by emerging designers and students. This program will continue to define the future of excellence in the lighting industry.” → Read more

The Rizhao Science and Technology Museum

Blurring the Architecture with the sky and the Universe

Beijing Ning Field Lighting Design is specialised in realising site-specific integrations of architecture in natural environments or urban spaces through the means of lighting. Its chief lighting designer Dongning Wang developed a natural lighting strategy for the Rizhao museum, integrating lighting as a seamless architectural element into the façade. The circular shape of the Rizhao Science and Technology Museum is inspired by black holes and the starry sky, referencing Ting’s scientific experiments exploring elementary or massless particles in the universe.
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LIT Lighting Design Awards 2020

The Winners 2020
The LIT Lighting Design Awards was envisioned to celebrate creativity and innovation in the fields of lighting and applications and to honour lighting designers and lighting product designers, both professionals and students. In the organization’s most recent news, LIT Lighting Design Awards will announce the Spotlight prize: “Spotlight is a special prize that rewards an organization or project which carries out remarkable work for its community, and for being a major contributor in the lighting industry,” says founder of LIT Lighting Design Awards, Hossein Farmani.

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In the Light of Shadows

Chayot Kiranantawat started his career as an architect in Bangkok in 2010 and joined a lighting design firm in 2014. In 2017 he moved to the United Arab Emirates to widen his experience and expertise in Dubai. Now Kiranantawat works in Singapore as a lighting designer in an international team that focuses on restoring the relationship between man and nature. He wants, that lighting design is becoming a medium for designing events or, more particularly, conditions that can promote a more active engagement of man with his environment. → Read more

The University of Sheffield Concourse UK

2020 honoured with the IALD Radiance Award

The Concourse is located right in the centre of the campus. The open station concourse is also the key thoroughfare which passes under the A 57. However, over the years the Concourse has become a neglected non-place. The task was to create a space where one feels comfortable and where, occasionally, even events can be held. It was important to pay homage to the brutalist architecture of the 1960s.

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Myyrmäki Church in Vantaa

Without daylight there is no architecture

Juha Leiviskä, receives the Daylight Award 2020 for his works of architecture that make daylight an integral element of his buildings. Leiviskä, is one of the most important contemporary architects in Finland. He combines emotional appeal, functionality and a subtle but exciting presence of light as part of the spatial experience. The lighting concept underlines the openness and transparency in the generously planned spatial continuum.

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Re-Lighting of Interior of Norwich Cathedral Norwich

2020 honoured with IALD Award of Excellence

Norwich Cathedral has dominated the cityscape for over 900 years. The new lighting concept for the interior of the church must consider the beauty of the Norman basilica. Furthermore, it shall not ruin the historic basic structure of this building from the 11th century.

You find the complete article in the issue : August 2020/print. → Read more

Singapore Buddhist Lodge

Yah Li Toh :: Lighting design illuminates the soul of a building

The Singapore Buddhist Lodge is a Buddhist temple, but at the same time it is also an institution of one of the oldest charities in Singapore. The main prayer hall was newly built and the lighting design office Light Collab was commissioned to design the lighting. With a second office in Japan, the team is committed in the art of using light to enhance the visual environment and experience, also to highlight the importance of using light in order to contribute to improving lighting quality worldwide. → Read more