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Editor in Chief

Dr. Helena Horn, Quedlinburg

Helena has over 30 years of international business experience in museum practice and exhibitions. She studied art history in Heidelberg, Jerusalem and Berlin where she graduated Master of art in art history with a later doctorate in Stuttgart. Helena started her career as the director of the Glass Museum in Lauscha. She worked as curator in Germany, Italy and Brazil. In 2004 Helena became general manager of all 13 foundations of the Savings Bank Cologne, with a foundation capital of 65 million Euro supporting non-profit projects in the Rhineland. In 2011 Helena was the founding director of the Castle Museum in Brunswick.

In 2016 Helena founded ArtLight – the quarterly published magazine offers a respected opinion on visual art and exhibitions, market and museums, debates and trends – with the focus on light. A world-class team of writers and photographers work for ArtLight, backed by a worldwide network of curators and expert correspondents.

Since founding ArtLight Helena has worked on a variety of prestigious light art projects throughout the world, is a member of juries, giving lectures and curating.