The Rizhao Science and Technology Museum

Lighting Design | Beijing Ning Field Lighting Design

Blurring the Architecture with the sky and the Universe

Beijing Ning Field Lighting Design is specialised in realising site-specific integrations of architecture in natural environments or urban spaces through the means of lighting. Its chief lighting designer Dongning Wang developed a natural lighting strategy for the Rizhao museum, integrating lighting as a seamless architectural element into the façade. The circular shape of the Rizhao Science and Technology Museum is inspired by black holes and the starry sky, referencing Ting’s scientific experiments exploring elementary or massless particles in the universe. The museum covers an area of 160 acres, a building area of 20,000 square meters, and an exhibition area of 12,000 square meters. The lighting design for the plaza and its pathways, the museum building, and surrounding streets is closely interwoven with the architect’s design intents. The lighting designers intended to emphasise the circular architecture, which refers to the spherical movements in the universe and Ting’s research. The chief architect of the building is Cui Kai with his office ‘Cuikai Studio China Architecture Design & Research Group’ in Beijing.



Beijing Ning Field Lighting Design Corp., Ltd. | Dongning Wang, Jincang Yu, Wenfei Du, Yu, Shi. Jinlong Liang, Qiang Chen, Kun Teng | Rizhao Science Museum |