REMAGEN – since 1845

Lichthaus REMAGEN, Cologne/DE

Metamorphosis of a Light Company

1845 – It all began with a young plumber in Cologne. Gottfried Remagen started installing gas pipes for public street lighting in 1842. Shortly later he founded his own business and began to supply gas pressure vessels in the cellars of private houses with gas light. His son expanded the small company to include a lighting shop. – Today, Lichthaus REMAGEN is not only a specialist shop, but also a consultancy in the 6th generation of the family. REMAGEN stands for the emotional use of light. Because light is life. Good light sources provide security and functionality, representativeness and individuality. Spotlight creates dramatic settings and indirect lighting systems create subtle lighting scenes. Unique lighting design that is coordinated with the architecture and living spaces is the crowning touch of every building and its workplaces and living spaces. REMAGEN combines lighting design with energy efficiency, lighting control, fa├žade illumination and installation, but also with room acoustics and health. –

Interview with Heinrich Remagen in ArtLight 2019/3.



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| Remagen, Cologne | Concept for lighting and room quality, Law offices | Cologne 2019 | Photo: Andrea Dingeldein |

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| Remagen, Cologne | Light Installation at Cologne Cathedral |Cologne 2012 |

| Remagen, Cologne | Concept for facade lighting | The View Cologne | Cologne 2014 | Photo: Volker Dennebier |