Inge Dick


Inge Dick takes us into a world of colours of light never seen before. With experimental and at the same time poetic photography, she traces the essence of light. Through years of artistic research, Inge Dick has succeeded in capturing the incredible richness of colour in natural light. She makes the changing colour temperatures of the day and the seasons visible – in small formats as well as large-scale installations. → Read more

Light art is falling into disrepute

Dan Flavin’s light installation to be switched off

A visionary apparition in the cityscape

Dan Flavin’s iconic light installation at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin is to be switched off.  – In 1996, Dan Flavin succeeded in using light to give the magnificent railway station building of the late classicism of the 1840s a futuristic appearance. Even though railway stations in the 19th century were celebrated as cathedrals of the industrial age, Dan Flavin’s light installation has turned the historic station into a visual myth to this day. → Read more

Michael Pinsky – THE FINAL BID

An ecologic simulation and a resource-saving auction

Michael Pinsky makes the air and climate change the content of his work and especially in the exhibition at the Draiflessen Collection he focuses on sustainability as an action principle for the use of resources. With the processual installation THE FINAL BID – which Pinsky will realise for the first time in the Draiflessen Collection – he transforms the museum into an auction hall for chairs. The largest part of our personal Co2 footprint is caused by the consumption of clothing and household goods.
Read the full article including the interview with Michael Pinsky in the August issue > 2022_o3 ..  → Read more

Jakob Kudsk Steensen > Berl-Berl

On the future of the marshes

The work of Jakob Kudsk Steensen oscillates between the analogue and the digital, between new technologies and scientific discourses, between futuristic visions and multi-layered soundscapes. Steensen works with 3D animation, sounds and immersive effects. At the intersection of hybrid world-building and visual storytelling, he reinterprets ecological themes.

Read the full article in the issue August > 2022_3
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Everything is in motion.
Light art in the historic waterworks

The exhibition’s title is ‘panta rhei’. With these words, Heraclitus is said to have summed up his teaching: “No one can step into the same river twice, for everything flows and nothing remains.” Two and a half thousand years after the Greek philosopher’s death, his lesson is relevant as ever. All is in flux and things are ever changing, each moment gone in the blink of an eye. Man is part of an eternal cycle of coming and going, birth and death as glimpses of evolution in the continuous becoming of time and space. → Read more


Phenomena of viewing II

The concept of the exhibition is based on different levels of painting. All artworks relate to the wall and reveal their origins in painting. They have reduced their vocabulary of form to basic geometric structures, because the material they are based on not only serves as material equipment, but colour, form and light appear as central compositional elements as well. → Read more

Essen Light Festival

REMONDIS Light Award
With its transformation from the centre of the coal and steel industry to the third greenest city in Germany and the Green Capital of Europe, Essen stands for sustainability and change like hardly any other major city. Together with REMONDIS, the Essen Light Festival is once again taking up this theme and presenting the REMONDIS Light Award for the third time. The winners will present their light installations, light art or video mappings at the Essen Light Festival. → Read more

Ahrenshoop > Elisabeth von Eicken und Paul Müller-Kaempff

Capturing the light in the moment

In 1889, during a travel to the Baltic Sea, Paul Mueller-Kaempff became acquainted with Ahrenshoop. Shortly afterwards he moved to the remote fishing village on the Darß and opened the St. Lucas painting school in 1894. The painter Elisabeth von Eicken also moved to Ahrenshoop in 1894 and had a villa built here. It was the pristine nature on the peninsula chain of the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft and the light there that fascinated both painters. → Read more


The brief moment of touch

A handshake, hug or light kiss on the cheek have become dangers. What until recently was completely commonplace, a friendly sign of human encounter, is suddenly no more. We have to keep our distance. But for millions of people around the world, a handshake is a familiar greeting ritual. So, the brief look in the eye and firm handshake of Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin in Geneva in June 2021 were a powerful sign of peace the world had been waiting for. It raised hopes for a revived cooperative period between the two world powers. → Read more

Ingo Bracke > licht.atem: demokratie

The Hambach Castle – like a rhythmically shining lantern

At the opening, visitors can look forward to a light and sound performance stretching across the entire castle hill. In a large-scale projection, Bracke lets the facade of the castle on the valley side shine in slowly rising and falling waves of light, flowing like breathing movements from the castle far into the Upper Rhine lowlands. The great arc of this light performance is the breathing movement of light. → Read more