Exhibition + project | 05.04.–16.07.2023 

An event project on sustainability

Questions about (im)possibilities

The programme offers a forum to ask open questions, to discuss possibilities and impossibilities, to let opposites stand side by side if necessary. Thematically, the spectrum ranges from questions about the aware use of resources to openness to diversity. How are our individual behaviour patterns connected to what is happening on a regional and global level? What role does our consumer behaviour play? The topic of sustainability is in focus and offers events around the consequences of climate change or the relationship of humans to nature. The present discourses and narratives show how urgent conversation and exchange are.


Implementing sustainable thinking in practice

The Draiflessen Collection invites you to reflect on concrete experiences with sustainable thinking and action in various event formats. There is a workshop atelier, an event area with a café and reading zones, and five islands of space dedicated in different ways to the themes of peace, consumption and recycling, diversity and education, but also to flourishing landscapes.

In addition, the project takes a critical look at the topic of ” Draiflessen and sustainable exhibiting”, which deals with the museum’s own practice.


Workshops and art activities

A Repair Café is set up and workshops on the sustainable handling of flowers or the use of wild herbs, an excursion with the Steinfurt Biological Station, a guided tour of the Draiflessen garden or an art event with the KunstContainer Osnabrück take place.

An exhibition presents artistic positions in the context of sustainability by Christian Jankowski and Maximilian Prüfer.

The format MuseumsSpäße for children and young people is dedicated to upcycling during the summer holidays.


Agenda 2030

The selection of themes is based on the one hand on the particular circumstances of the Draiflessen Museum and its surroundings, and on the other hand on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations as a frame of reference – the 2030 Agenda is a global plan to promote sustainable peace and prosperity in order to protect our planet.


| Anja Leshoff | So wie man in den Wald ruft, so schallt es heraus | 2020/2021 | Foto: Marie-Therese Vinke |
| Maximilian Prüfer | Honey pictures 4 | 2018 |
| Renee van Bavel | THE MIRROR OF PEACE | 2022 |