25th European Lighting Congress in Salzburg

Congress | 26. to 29. March 2023

FILD is official partner of LICHT2023

FILD, the federation of the International Association of Lighting Designers, is a partner of the 25th joint conference of the lighting technology societies of Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, as is LUXLUMINA. The future of lighting design will be discussed and awareness raised of the fact that new technologies do not simply replace devices, but create beneficial lighting spaces.

Let’s talk about lighting design architecture!

The LICHT2023 programme includes lectures, panel discussions with the audience and keynotes by over 120 speakers from the fields of lighting design, lighting technology, research and measurement technology, but also from trade and industry. It is about the focused dialogue of the lighting sector with the building and construction industry as well as with public authorities, but primarily about the concrete benefits for people and the environment. FILD is committed to the recognition of the academic qualification of the profession of lighting architect.

The pure magic of light 

What does light mean in times of energy crisis, light pollution, smart lighting technology, intelligent control and sustainability? How do we protect the future of good and healthy light for us humans and our planet? FILD wants to motivate and provide planning aids. Reinhard Vedder explains: “For a new and sustainable lighting culture, the creation of the subject of ‘lighting design architecture’ is an urgent prerequisite in the field of architecture and construction!”


Fotos :

FILD | Hotel Reichshof | Lighting Design Markus Felsch | Hamburg/DE |