Exhibition | 26.03. – 30.11. 2023 

Weaving the Light

Every year, the Frederiksberg Museums commission an artist to create a site-specific work for the Cistern in Copenhagen. The 4,400 m² water reservoir offers a cave-like ambience: The humidity is almost 100%, daylight never invades, echoes only fade after 17 seconds and the temperature varies between 4 and 16 degrees.

In a large-scale installation, Kimsooja (*1957/Daegu in South Korea, lives in New York and Seoul) transforms the cistern into a constantly changing universe. The installation consists of light-refracting foils that direct the light through microscopically small horizontal and vertical prisms. The result is luminous rays that split into all the colours of the rainbow and seem to dynamically follow the viewer.


| Kimsooja | name: Weaving of the light| location: Cisternerne, Copenhagen, Denmark | commissioned by: Frederiksberg Museums |