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LIT Lighting Design Awards stages your moment in the spotlight! 
“The LIT Design Awards™ was created to recognize the efforts of talented international lighting product designers and lighting implementers. We believe that lighting is both an art and a science, and it is one of the most important elements of design.”
Picture this: your design on the grand stage of international recognition, your name in the lighting history.

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Termin: Deadline : October 22, 2023

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An immersive concept with natural scenery and dynamic moments

Melbourne-based ambience was commissioned by Pattern Studio’s interior designers to develop an outstanding and extraordinary lighting concept for Nagnata’s flagship store in Byron Bay in the Australian state of New South Wales.

Ambience and Nagnata, both companies have sustainability and ecology on their flags

Ambience are Australian lighting design & supply specialists working across all architectural categories.

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LUCI Association

Bringing life to public spaces with Light Art

As the grand finale of the EU-funded Light Art in Public Spaces (LAiPS) project, LUCI Association together with the cities of Lyon, Oulu and Turin are organizing the international conference “Bringing life to public spaces with Light Art” in Turin, Italy on 2-3 November 2023.

Registrations are now open – Free Participation

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Termin: 2 - 3 November 2023 

Adresse: Turino / Italy > various sites

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Ning Field Lighting Design

Liquid light for Jiaxing Train Station
Jiaxing Railway Station, officially named “The Train Station in the Forest”, is located in the center of Jiaxing, a city south of Shanghai on the railroad line to Kunming.
MAD Architects installed three platforms with six tracks on a 35.4-acre site with a frequency of approximately 2,300 travellers per hour in the basement.
Dongning Wang and his team planned two different lighting concepts for the reconstructed building made of stone with bricks and for the modern one made of glass with concrete, which relate to each other in terms of architecture.

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An event project on sustainability

Questions about (im)possibilities

The programme offers a forum to ask open questions, to discuss possibilities and impossibilities, to let opposites stand side by side if necessary. Thematically, the spectrum ranges from questions about the aware use of resources to openness to diversity. How are our individual behaviour patterns connected to what is happening on a regional and global level? What role does our consumer behaviour play?  → Read more


Weaving the Light

Every year, the Frederiksberg Museums commission an artist to create a site-specific work for the Cistern in Copenhagen. The 4,400 m² water reservoir offers a cave-like ambience: The humidity is almost 100%, daylight never invades, echoes only fade after 17 seconds and the temperature varies between 4 and 16 degrees. → Read more

Termin: 26. 03. - 30.11. 2023

Adresse: Frederiksberg / DK

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Ann Veronica Janssens

Grand Bal

Retrospective >> Ann Veronica Janssens. In her 40-year career, Janssens has worked primarily with light, but has also explored the sensory and performative nature of space and architecture. She examines the limits of human perception and psyche, as well as the aleatory associations of natural phenomena down to their minimal scale. → Read more


Stained Glass > Joep Nicolas + Liberna Collection

The Draiflessen Collection presents a joint exhibition on the art of stained glass, spanning the Middle Ages, the Baroque period and the 20th century. The exhibition shows that stained glass has a long tradition. It highlights the iconographic and technical features of this genre of art and offers insights into the background of the history of its development. → Read more

25th European Lighting Congress in Salzburg

FILD is official partner of LICHT2023

FILD, the federation of the International Association of Lighting Designers, is a partner of the 25th joint conference of the lighting technology societies of Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, as is LUXLUMINA. The future of lighting design will be discussed and awareness raised of the fact that new technologies do not simply replace devices, but create beneficial lighting spaces. → Read more

Inge Dick


Inge Dick takes us into a world of colours of light never seen before. With experimental and at the same time poetic photography, she traces the essence of light. Through years of artistic research, Inge Dick has succeeded in capturing the incredible richness of colour in natural light. She makes the changing colour temperatures of the day and the seasons visible – in small formats as well as large-scale installations. → Read more