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AURA Invalides by Moment Factory

A monumental experience beneath the Dôme des Invalides

Moment Factory developed a fully immersive light environment for the Dôme des Invalides – one of the most important sites of French cultural heritage – on a projection surface of 3,500 square metres, while preserving the architectural and historical integrity of the site.

Interview with Moment Factory about Aura Invalides


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Termin: 22.08.2023  - 31.12.2025

Adresse: Dôme des Invalides in Paris

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A large-scale kinetic light art installation

VEKTOR is the latest audiovisual installation by Christopher Bauder at Kraftwerk Berlin. In his most personal work to date, Bauder fuses kinetic light from 50 moving lasers with a self-composed three-dimensional soundscape to create a synaesthetic work of art. Moments and memories from his life are processed into an abstract light art experience. Visitors are submerged in a wondrously fascinating sound and imagescape. VEKTOR is a monumental installation in this unique industrial cathedral. → Read more

Termin: 01.02. - 07.04.2024

Adresse: Köpenicker Straße 70, Berlin/Deutschland

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Mischa Kuball > missing link_

Commemoration of the destroyed Great Synagogue in Düsseldorf

The Great Synagogue on Kasernenstraße in Düsseldorf was first desecrated and then set on fire on November 10, 1938 in the course of the National Socialist November pogroms. The ruins were demolished just a few days later. To this day, nothing remains of the synagogue. A memorial plaque has stood on the site since 1946. The building of a media company was later erected on the burnt ground. → Read more

Termin: since November 9, 2023

Adresse: since November 9, 2023 Kasernenstraße on the corner of Siegfried-Klein-Straße, Düsseldorf

LIT Lighting Design Awards 2023

The winners have been unveiled, showcasing designs that not only redefine the present but also offer a glimpse into the future of cutting-edge lighting trends.
The winners showcase the excellence of international lighting product designers and implementers. There were over 800 entries from 58 countries for the 7th edition of the LIT Lighting Design Awards. Debutants from the Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela took part. A jury of 45 professionals, including architects, interior designers, academics and media representatives from the lighting industry, evaluated the entries and selected those that expressed outstanding creativity and innovation.

Presentation of the winners with interview here: here / PDF 

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Lyonel Feininger

Crystalline pictorial worlds

Lyonel Feininger’s pictorial worlds unfold a crystalline glow. His seascapes, at first, show traditional green-blue waves. Later, a system of lines appears, which finally merge into the superimposed facets as a reflection of light. → Read more

Light_poesis > Mischa Kuball

The quiet magic of nature

With Light_poesis, Mischa Kuball (*1959, Düsseldorf/DE) breaks through the boundaries of presumably habitual dimensions. The light and mirror installation connects the inside with the outside, combines the light of day and night with the artificial light of the installation and nature makes a brilliant entrance into the exhibition space.
New visual axes and reflections open up immaterial connecting lines, reflections and cross-connections through the glass panes,
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LIT Lighting Design Awards stages your moment in the spotlight! 
“The LIT Design Awards™ was created to recognize the efforts of talented international lighting product designers and lighting implementers. We believe that lighting is both an art and a science, and it is one of the most important elements of design.”
Picture this: your design on the grand stage of international recognition, your name in the lighting history.

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An immersive concept with natural scenery and dynamic moments

Melbourne-based ambience was commissioned by Pattern Studio’s interior designers to develop an outstanding and extraordinary lighting concept for Nagnata’s flagship store in Byron Bay in the Australian state of New South Wales.

Ambience and Nagnata, both companies have sustainability and ecology on their flags

Ambience are Australian lighting design & supply specialists working across all architectural categories.

» read interview with David Justice

LINK to ambience

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LUCI Association

Bringing life to public spaces with Light Art

As the grand finale of the EU-funded Light Art in Public Spaces (LAiPS) project, LUCI Association together with the cities of Lyon, Oulu and Turin are organizing the international conference “Bringing life to public spaces with Light Art” in Turin, Italy on 2-3 November 2023.

Registrations are now open – Free Participation

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Ning Field Lighting Design

Liquid light for Jiaxing Train Station
Jiaxing Railway Station, officially named “The Train Station in the Forest”, is located in the center of Jiaxing, a city south of Shanghai on the railroad line to Kunming.
MAD Architects installed three platforms with six tracks on a 35.4-acre site with a frequency of approximately 2,300 travellers per hour in the basement.
Dongning Wang and his team planned two different lighting concepts for the reconstructed building made of stone with bricks and for the modern one made of glass with concrete, which relate to each other in terms of architecture.

Read interview with Dongning Wang

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