Laurenz Theinert » Missing Darkness

Exhibition | 5/5 – 15/9/2024

In the rhythm of light

The exhibition provides an insight into the complete works of Laurenz Theinert (*1963, Hanover). It includes photographic works, light art and light-sound performances. In addition to five light installations, the exhibition also presents photographs from various series of works.

Laurenz Theinert works with the fundamentals of colour perception and makes it clear that we always perceive light and colour in relation to each other. Colours are in a relative relationship to one another, as one and the same colour can cause completely different characteristics in the viewer’s perception in different environments, constellations and media. But it is light that defines colours as the decisive medium.

Laurenz Theinert develops a dematerialised art that makes light itself an experience. It is an art that is based on the fundamentals of light in time and space and unfolds in a reduced visual language without any recognisable reference to the world of objects. The themes of his art are based on an examination of the physical laws of light. The artist explores the optical properties of light in detail. Light only becomes visible when it encounters matter and is scattered, reflected, refracted, decelerated or absorbed. And matter only becomes visible when light hits it. That is what Laurenz Theinert is interested in revealing.

Interview with Laurenz Theinert > in the PDF here.

All we see is light

In the series of works “Places without intention”, Laurenz Theinert stages the space solely with information from light. The artist separates and cuts through the space with strong, bright white light. Nevertheless, it is the light that defines the place and it is the space that becomes an inseparable part of the work. The fact that light art always creates new spatial experiences can be impressively experienced in his work. For Laurenz Theinert, visible reality is only the beginning of his exploration of the spatial and temporal processes of light. It is the result of conceptual research with the intention of achieving great creative clarity.

Interview with Laurenz Theinert > in the PDF here.

Photography is like painting with light

Laurenz Theinert’s photographs are neither documentary nor narrative, nor are they meant to depict reality. But they do show the changes in colour in different light situations. In the process, colours become visible that are hidden even in the greyest stone and are processed by the artist into psychedelic colour compositions using digital image processing.

“My understanding of light is rooted in photography – all processes of photography are light-related and they have changed my understanding of the visual.” Laurenz Theinert

Interview with Laurenz Theinert > in the PDF here.

Photos / credits :

Laurenz Theinert | Farblichtraum | 2015/18 (Gravenhorst) | © Laurenz Theinert | Foto: Laurenz Theinert

Laurenz Theinert | Farblichtraum | 2015/18 (Gravenhorst) | © Laurenz Theinert | Foto: Laurenz Theinert

Laurenz Theinert | Farbreste | 2016 | © Laurenz Theinert | © Laurenz Theinert | Foto: Laurenz Theinert

Termin: 5.5. - 15.9.2024 

Adresse: Museum Ritter Waldenbuch | Alfred-Ritter-Straße 27 | 71111 Waldenbuch/ Germany

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