LIT Lighting Design Awards 2023

– The Winners 2023  

– The Winners!

The winners have been unveiled, showcasing designs that not only redefine the present but also offer a glimpse into the future of cutting-edge lighting trends.

The winners showcase the excellence of international lighting product designers and implementers. There were over 800 entries from 58 countries for the 7th edition of the LIT Lighting Design Awards. Debutants from the Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela took part. A jury of 45 professionals, including architects, interior designers, academics and media representatives from the lighting industry, evaluated the entries and selected those that expressed outstanding creativity and innovation.

The LIT Lighting Design Awards is a program under 3C awards and part of Three C Group GmbH, a Swiss-registered company creating and promoting design across the globe. Developed by Hossein Farmani and Astrid Hébert, 3C Awards specializes in Awards, Marketing, Media, and Events. The LIT Awards was created as a platform to recognize and celebrate achievements in lighting products, architectural lighting designs, and entertainment lighting.

Presentation of the award winners with interview here: PDF 

Architectural Lighting Design of the Year


Banten/Indonesia / IronPlate Restaurant

A dramatic scenery that authentically brings out the colours of roasted meat.

Entertainment Lighting Design of the Year

Eleftheria Deko & Associates, Argiroupoli/Greece

Persephone Reconsiders Her Fate

Light to create the in-between world of the living and the underworld.

Lighting Product Design of the Year

Hydrel / Conyers, USA

FLAME Lighting Technique

FLAME combines an optical engine design with engineering perfection to create a new play on RGBW.

Emerging Lighting Designer of the Year

Takatoku Nishi / Tokyo University of The Arts, Japan


Ripple is an accidental creation of nature, which humans cannot manipulate

Emerging Product Designer of the Year

Arash Abbaszadeh / Hochschule, Wismar/Germany

Moist Sparkle

Experimenting with the interaction of winter horizon sun rays.

Lifetime Achivement Award

Concepto, Arcueil/France

Roger Narboni

Roger Narboni is not just a designer, he is a pioneer.

Spotlight Prize

DarkSky International / Tucson/USA

DarkSky is driven by an outstanding commitment to preserving the darkness of the sky and its mission to restore the nighttime environment and protect communities from the harmful effects of light pollution


Presentation of the Award winners here / PDF 


Photos /credits :

IronPlate Restaurant | Prize Winner in Bar and Restaurant Lighting Design | Company: ERRELUCE | Lead Designers: Ryan Salim, Mitha Audina | Other Designer’s names: DSN Intervention (Ivan Ersan, Alexandre Alvin, Chryseis Lee) | Client MDA Restaurants | Photo Credits : FotoPerspektif, Ryan Salim | Other Credits: Gita Laras, Chef Andri | Completion Date: September 2022 | Project Location: MD Place Building, South Jakarta, Indonesia |

FLAME | Prize Winners in Landscape Lights / Outdoor Spotlights | Company: Hydrel | Lead Designers: Hydrel | Photo Credits: Hydrel | Completion Date May 25, 2023 |

Persephone Reconsiders Her Fate | Prize Winners in Stage Lighting | Company: Eleftheria Deko & Associates | Lead Designer: Eleftheria Deko | Other Designer’s names: Vasiliki Gogou, Nasia Lazou, Afrodite Neri | Client: 2023 Eleusis European Capital of Culture | Photo Credits: Gavriil Papadiotis / John Stathis | Other Credits: Sara Pearson & Patrik Widrig, Nefeli Myrtidi, Sam Crawford, Stavros Gasparatos | Completion Date 2023 |

Ripple | Prize Winner in Daylighting / Visitor Experience & Museum Exhibition | University Tokyo University of The Arts | Lead Designer: Takatoku Nishi | Photo Credits: © Nacása & Partners Inc. Futa MORIISHI | Other Credits: Yukihide Nakano (DRONE SHOOTING) | Completion Date: December. 2020 | Project Location: 12-8 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo |

Moist Sparkle | Prize Winners in Artisan Glass Blown Lighting | University Hochschule Wismar | Lead Designers Arash Abbaszadeh | Client Galerie wolkenbank kunst+räume | Other Credits: Supervised by Prof. Jan Blieske and Prof. Bettina Menzel | Completion Date: November, 2022 | Project Location: Dorfstrasse 5/7, 23992 Klein Warin, Germany |

Roger Narboni | Pioneer in Lighting Design, Honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2023 LIT Lighting Design Awards November 28, 2023

DarkSky | Spotlight Prize for the great commitment to preserving the darkness of the sky.

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