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Switch II

Switch II is a project of the Center for International Light Art Unna and the Hochschule der Bildende Künste Saar (HBKsaar) Saarbrücken.
In this follow-up project, students and teachers of the HBKsaar experiment with physical light in drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and performance. The common denominator of the exhibition is an understanding of the image that is inherent in temporality, changeability and transience.

Read full article in ArtLight 2021_1 (February)  → Read more

Termin: February 21 - March 21, 2021

Adresse: Center for International Light Art Unna/DE

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More Light

Although Stanislav Lem under no circumstance wanted to be called a science fiction author, his literary works, despite their profundity, are visions and utopias which were conceived decades before the actual development of described complex technologies like neural networks or virtual reality or communication attempts with extra-terrestrial intelligence became a subject of discussion. The association ‘mehr licht’ in Graz chose the title SOLARIS for its next exhibition – and so refers to Stanislav Lem’s famous futuristic novel Solaris (1961) → Read more

Termin: July 31, 2020 – April 30, 2021

Adresse: Schlossbergstollen Graz/AT

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lichtsicht7 – Projektions-Triennale

Grand World Theatre in Bad Rothenfelde

The dimensions of the graduation houses are enormous. The approximately 1 kilometre long art trail around the up to 14 metre high walls of the graduation works forms a projection surface of blackthorn brushwood of a total of 10,000 square metres in the spa gardens of Bad Rothenfelde. The works of art are projected directly onto the ramified, structured and glistening wet walls of the historic salt works. → Read more

Termin: 23/10/2020 – 21/02/2021

Adresse: Bad Rothenfelde, Germany

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Tartu Architectural Lighting and Light Art Festival TAVA2021

World of Light

TAVA is an international, cross-disciplinary festival of light art and lighting art.
In total the programm will last one month with international workshops, outdoor installations, a conference, a light fair and indoor exhibitions. In addition, smaller-scale satellite programs will be organized in collaboration with culture organizations and companies of Tartu. → Read more

Termin: October 28 - 31, 2021

Adresse: Tartu, Estonia

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Power! Light!

Light – a political, social, ecological statement

The exhibition presents artistic positions which intentionally focus on such topics in which light has political, social, and/or ecological significance in a broader sense – and this against the backdrop of the current tension between luminous pollution due to the ever-increasing lighting and illumination mania on the one hand and, on the other hand, increasingly sophisticated lighting concepts with a focus on saving energy – and thus also in a figurative sense on the use of resources in general. → Read more

Termin: 27.11.2021 – 20.03.2022

Adresse: Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg/DE

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