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lichtsicht7 – Projektions-Triennale

Grand World Theatre in Bad Rothenfelde

The dimensions of the graduation houses are enormous. The approximately 1 kilometre long art trail around the up to 14 metre high walls of the graduation works forms a projection surface of blackthorn brushwood of a total of 10,000 square metres in the spa gardens of Bad Rothenfelde. The works of art are projected directly onto the ramified, structured and glistening wet walls of the historic salt works. → Read more

Termin: 23/10/2020 – 21/02/2021

Adresse: Bad Rothenfelde, Germany

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Happy 70th birthday Jenny Holzer!

The art of language on light bands

Holzer has conquered public space worldwide with her “Truisms” of light, her almost lapidary but critical statements on politics, economy and life. – Holzer sees herself as a political artist. She became enthusiastic about computer technology early on and since she first used LED technology in 1982 to make her texts public, light has become the main medium of her art. From then on, she could have her messages trickled down in huge LED writing strips or monumentally illuminated the silhouettes of cities all over the world.  → Read more



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Light Parcours 2020 Braunschweig

The artistic exploration of the watercourse of the Oker and its 24 bridges is at the focus of the Lightparcours 2020. For centuries, the historic city centre of Braunschweig has been significantly influenced by this topographically dominant river. The works of art have been conceived site-specifically in an examination of the geography and history of Braunschweig. → Read more

Termin: June 13 – October 9, 2020

Adresse: City of Brunswick | Germany

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Tartu Architectural Lighting and Light Art Festival TAVA2020

World of Light

TAVA is an international, cross-disciplinary festival of light art and lighting art.
In total the programm will last one month with international workshops, outdoor installations, a conference, a light fair and indoor exhibitions. In addition, smaller-scale satellite programs will be organized in collaboration with culture organizations and companies of Tartu. → Read more

Termin: October 28 - 31, 2020

Adresse: Tartu, Estonia

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Power! Light!

Light – a political, social, ecological statement

The exhibition presents artistic positions which intentionally focus on such topics in which light has political, social, and/or ecological significance in a broader sense – and this against the backdrop of the current tension between luminous pollution due to the ever-increasing lighting and illumination mania on the one hand and, on the other hand, increasingly sophisticated lighting concepts with a focus on saving energy – and thus also in a figurative sense on the use of resources in general. → Read more

Termin: May 16 – September 13, 2020

Adresse: Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg/DE

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Daniel Hausig. Dynamic Light

The transformation of energy into light

The medium of Daniel Hausig (*1959, Kreuzlingen/CH) is light. Seeking for the inner glow of colour, the artist researches the field of luminescence and works on the implementation of light phenomena. In his site-specific interventions, Hausig soberly and objectively translates a space with its historicity, form, perceptual temperature and its own light into a vivid visual language. → Read more

Termin: October 13, 2019 - September 20, 2020  

Adresse: Museum Ritter | Waldenbuch_DE

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