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Light Parcours 2020 Braunschweig

Art interventions in the city

For the Lighting Parcours 2020, it is planned to place the watercourse of the River Oker and areas close to the banks at the centre of the project – also as a reminiscence of the first parcours in the year 2000, parallel to the World Exhibition EXPO in Hanover. The river and the water – in combination with light – are the main thematic focus.
For centuries, the city centre of Braunschweig has been significantly influenced by the topographically dominant so-called Okerumflut. 16 artists have been invited for the Light Parcours 2020 and have developed artistic interventions for the urban space. → Read more

Termin: June 13 – October 9, 2020

Adresse: City of Brunswick | Germany

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Daniel Hausig. Dynamic Light

The transformation of energy into light

The medium of Daniel Hausig (*1959, Kreuzlingen/CH) is light. Seeking for the inner glow of colour, the artist researches the field of luminescence and works on the implementation of light phenomena. In his site-specific interventions, Hausig soberly and objectively translates a space with its historicity, form, perceptual temperature and its own light into a vivid visual language. → Read more

Termin: October 13, 2019 – April 19, 2020

Adresse: Museum Ritter | Waldenbuch_DE

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Immersed in Light: Studio Drift at the Mint

Fusing nature and technology to push the boundaries of what art can be
The work of Dutch artist collective Studio Drift is based on a dialogue between opposites that explores the relationship between nature, technology and man. The upcoming exhibition “Immersed in Light: Studio Drift at the Mint” will be marked by breathtaking installations that translate data into poetic, contemplative experiences. The works occupy a completely unique place between disciplines such as tech art, performance and bio-design.  → Read more

Termin: September 21, 2019 – April 26, 2020

Adresse: The Mint Museum in Charlotte/North Carolina USA

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Adam Barker-Mill

Deceptively simplistic appearance
Adam Barker-Mill (*1940, Somerset/UK) has been studying the physical properties of light since the 1960s. His works have a deceptively simplistic appearance, allowing the viewer to maintain an idealistic visual, acutely unaware of the carefully structured designs, which generate, manipulate and modulate light. His works are characterized by formal austerity, which takes a step back behind the magical unfolding of coloured light allowing a concentrated experience of the often in certain rhythms changing light fields, due to the viewers positioning and natural light conditions. → Read more

Termin: November 24, 2019 – February 16, 2020

Adresse: Kunstmuseum Ahlen, Ahlen/DE

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