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Light Art and Curatorial Strategies – Curating

LIFA Colloquium VI

Due to the increasing number of projects, festivals, exhibitions and publications on the subject of light art, the field of artistic positions has long since become confusing. Therefore, it seems necessary and time to ask the question: Who actually decides on the quality of these light art works? A LIFA colloquium on “Light Art and Curatorial Strategies – Curating” could help to better understand → Read more

Termin: October 25 and 26, 2018

Adresse: The Braunschweig University of Art (HBK) | Johannes-Selenka-Platz 1, 38118 Braunschweig/DE

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Architectural Lighting and Light Art Festival of Tartu – TAVA2018

LET THERE BE LIGHT! TAVA 2018 is going to be ELECTRIC!

TAVA2018 is not only entertainment; it is also an event with a deep mission and vision. The festival wants to make a contribution to the success of the developing light art and lighting design in Estonia. Through this event the curators will make an impact on the world’s light art and lighting design future. → Read more

Termin: October 25 to 28, 2018 | side programm: October 20 - November 18, 2018

Adresse: Tartu - Old City | Tartu, Estonia

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Extended Mind

A scientific Theory combined with Light Art

The first Light Art Weekend is presenting international light art in the historic basement of Alte Münze in Berlin. Twelve artists will showcase site-specific and immersive light installations inspired by the Extended Mind theory.
The Light Art Weekend is an annual project organised by ARTE LUCE that aims to combine scientific theories and concepts with international light art at unconventional venues.
 → Read more

Termin: November 30 - December 2, 2018

Adresse: Alte Münze | Molkenmarkt 2 | Berlin/DE

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The dream of a void space mastered by a pure interplay of light and shade

16th International Architecture Exhibition

The differentiated handling of light is increasingly focussed by many architects. Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara, both curating the architecture Biennale in Venice this year, explicitly invite participants: „to emphasise nature’s free gifts of light – sunlight and moonlight, air, gravity, materials – natural and man-made resources.“ → Read more

Termin: May 26 – November 25, 2018

Adresse: 16. International Architecture Exhibition – FREESPACE | Venice/IT

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The Substance of Light

Anyone who immerses themselves in James Turrell’s light spaces enjoys a magical experience: the coloured, changing light makes the room seem endless. Born in 1943 in Los Angeles, Turrell took an avid interest in flying at an early age. Today, he describes the skies as his studio, his material, his canvas. In the 1960s, influenced by minimal art and land art, he employed a range of techniques to give the immaterial light a physical presence.  → Read more

Termin: June 9 – October 28, 2018

Adresse: Museum Frieder Burda | Lichtentaler Allee 8 b | 76530 Baden-Baden/DE

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