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Crossing | Helga Griffiths

From archaic senses to an animated flight over genetic codes

Helga Griffiths (*1959 Ehingen/Germany) has been working for over 25 years, not only with the medium light, but mainly at the intersection of science and art. Using combinations of visual, acoustic, haptic, dynamic and even olfactory elements, her installations enable the percipient to immerse in a multi-sensory space and to experience memories, emotions
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Termin: September 22, 2017 - January 14, 2018

Adresse: Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken | St. Johanner Markt 24 | 66111 Saarbrücken | Germany

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SCHATTENwelt – LICHTblicke

8th Biennial ‘Höhler’ 2017

The so-called ‘Höhler’ – medieval beer warehouses in Gera – are located right under the old town. The caves are located in Zechsteinlime or in different clay mud beds with brickwork.
The theme “Shadow World”, under which the biennial 2017 stands, is synonymous with the underworld, the pictorial representation of a world beyond – like in the myths of many cultures or the hell of the Christian religion. Originally, the underworld described everything “under the surface of the earth”. In the present language, the term is loaded with a variety of meaning → Read more

Termin: June 23 - October 15, 2017

Adresse: Höhler | Kornmarkt 7 | 07545 Gera/D

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Trends in Lighting – TiL 2017

Smart Lighting

The event has been created to address the questions being asked in modern light design and technologies. It comprises of lectures, panel debates, workshops and exhibition.
A carefully curated hub, TiL 2017 will offer architects, planners, designers, manufacturers and systems integrators a unique experience, a place to learn about modern lighting and connect with international experts.
“TiL 2017 is an interactive and practice-oriented hub created by, and for, experts → Read more

Termin: September 26-28, 2017

Adresse: Festspielhaus Bregenz, Austria

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