The Light and the Oeuvre – The Oeuvre and the Light | 2020 

The light penetrates the museum, soft or bold, sometimes even sharp, rays like blades depending on the mood of the sun.

There it shaves the walls, cutting it into new geometrical surfaces, remodelling the architecture, which welcomes it with its linear slits and curved dome. Its long walls themselves replicate it in a play of subtly moving reflections, then it plays on the floor or bends over and stretches into the corners of the walls.

Its graphics amaze us.

Sometimes it stops for a long time and one might think it froze but it continues to loom magically in its nonchalant mobility.

It can also conceal itself in the discretion of our temperate climate and hide, giving way to a moment of opaline rest.

It decides the time with its changing movement, it imposes time on us like a sundial when it is declining in fine ribbons.

Yet impalpable, this light only touches the eyes.

The artist is there to congeal it, to make it real, to evoke it more than materialise it, but at least to fix it for a moment, telling themselves that this time its eternal journey will begin again, will make it concrete and definitive, but this is only a lure, a human convention.

Shadows and lights play with us and my creation wants to be pierced, transparent, airy like light itself.

With its outline, it reveals a new drawing, a related drawing that in its own way circumvents the fleeting play of another light.

It captures an imaginary sun in asymmetrical frames.

Another imaginary moment of light, our source of life.

Marie-Paule Haar

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| Marie-Paule Haar | La lumière et l’oeuvre – L’oeuvre et la lumière, création originale de Marie-Paule Haar pour le MUZE’UM L/BE, 20.09. -06.12. 2020 | 2020 | © Marie-Paule Haar |