Bending Brilliance

Exhibition | 09. October 2016 – 19. February 2017 

Neon and Plasma Sculpture

Bending Brilliance: Neon and Plasma Sculpture is an exhibition of works by artists who use light as their medium.

Since the early 20th century, neon lights have been used in advertising signage. From those beginnings the art form has evolved to include works by artists who use light, dark and shadow to transform an environment, create a composition or extend the familiar genre of signage to playful use of puns and thought-provoking themes.

In this exhibit, view work from neon artists who play with light and illumination. In the kinetic plasma sculptures science and art blend to provide a sense of animation, science fiction and wonder for the viewer. Together, these artists provide a magical and whimsical combination of individual styles.



John E. Bannon, Sarah Blood, Bradley Corso, Jacob Fishman, Roy Tom Galbraith, Petrie Fishman, Ed Kirshner, Mitch LaPlante, Bruce Nauman, Jed Schleisner, Wayne Strattman, Monica Wulfers, Michael Young



Abbey Normal, Jacob Fishman