generator 2016

Ausstellung | November 2, 2016 –  June 18, 2017 

A Sea of Letters

It’s white text fragments that illuminate the walls; 24 slide projectors are whirring. Once coal was burnt there – now an impressive light installation with the title LOREM IPSUM is presented by Detlef Hartung and Georg Trenz.  This projection points to the future of this unique place. The blind text is intentionally incomprehensible, so that the viewer is not distracted by the content and it stands for all future uses.

Klaus Maßem Tuschezeichnug auf Japanfaser

The Faculty of Art History of the University of Trier wants to create a new space for contemporary light art in the heating power centre of the former French military academy. Firstly, the historical space is perfect for the purpose to exhibit contemporary light art, and secondly, students can learn here to become curators.




in the slider

Hartung und Trenz: „LOREM IPSUM“, Trier 2016 | © Hartung und Trenz, VG Bild – Kunst, Bonn 2016

in the text

Klaus Maßem: „Menschgang“,  2016 | © Klaus Maßem, Schillingen

JeongHo Park: „Silhouette Interference“, 2011 | © JeongHo Park