Quantom I 2016

The installation consists of a slow, irregular wobbling mosaic mirror, whose surface is illuminated with 5 lasers in order to produce complex roving reflections onto a hanging screen.

The laser is quantised as a sharp continuous beam through this apparatus, i.e. dissembled into packages that appear to elude Newtonian physics and drip down and up.

The result can seemingly be anticipated, yet not in detail. We must live with the uncertainty, with the vagueness of the potentiality.

Olaf Schirm

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| Symboter | Quantom | 2016 |  72cm (B) x 212cm (H) x 120cm (T) | Material: Laser, Motoren, Elektronik, Spiegelfolie, 3D-Druck, PVC, Metall, Glas, Bilderrahmen | Fotograf: Matthias Kolb |