SPIDRON MAPPING is an art installation based on the concept of László Zsolt Bordos. It uses stereoscopic 3d animation, sound and video projection mapped onto a geometric shape called the Spidron. The SPIDRON is a complex geometric shape invented by the Hungarian designer Dániel Erdély. The heavy sound was created and mixed by Darko Kolar aka Dekode. Using 3d mapping techniques, Bordos enhanced his abstract 3d animations by adding a stereoscopic layer viewable only with anaglyph glasses, increasing the visual experience in an unexpected way. The projection derails the viewers customary schemes of perception and observation and urges them to create a new process of interpretation. Bordos’ installation was shown at several festivals and art galleries around Europe: A38 Gallery Budapest, Glow Eindhoven, New Budapest Gallery, Bam Festival Liege, Patchlab Krakow, WhiteLine Metz, etc.

László Zsolt Bordos | Budapest/HU

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SPIDRON MAPPING – stereo 3d object mapping installation | 3d animation: László Zsolt Bordos, aka Bordos.ArtWorks | Spidron System: Dániel Erdély | Sound: Darko Kolar aka DEKODE | Technical Partner: Christie Digital | Photo: Krisztian Bodis |