A sense of connection | 2016

Following a philosophical debate, the massive glass plates are speaking. Their clear language enables the words light and shadow, light and dark, positive and negative, good and evil, earthly and spiritually to get in touch. The mutual symbol in both elements shaping an object together is the circle and its centre, a symbolic language leading back to the origins of the human cultural language and signs. I am – The sun – The origin – and all is one are only few of the expressions linked with the symbol. For Rudi Gritsch it results in the essential declaration – light and shadow are forming a unit, neutral, complementing each other, congruent, superposable, like day and night every component owns its peculiarity, its charisma and its function as a whole.

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Rudi Gritsch’s solo exhibition “Following Water” hier:  flickr

Rudi Gritsch | a sense of connection | 2016 | kilnformed glass and stainless steel | Photo: Courtesy Bullseye Projects |