Something comes from Nothing | 2019

Hitoshi Kuriyama (*1979 Hyogo, Japan) has established a hypothesis which he presents by artistic means: 0 = 1. By doing so, he creates sculptures that remind us of explosions or trigger associations with the Big Bang. Everything flies apart. But Kuriyama combines scientific methods with physical phenomena such as light and vacuum, sound and movement to prove his thesis. He creates a fragile structure of light and non-light characterized by a transcendental lightness in the air. Some tubes shine; others are broken and robbed of their light. Kuriyama is interested in the equivalence and synchronicity of seemingly contradictory phenomena. Just as it is impossible to scientifically prove the existence of total nothingness, neither existence nor non-existence can be questioned. Kuriyama tries to bring to life this hypothetical postulate between our worlds, which also includes dark matter and the question of life and death.


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Hitoshi Kuriyama | ∴ 0=1 -reflections 2017 | fluorescent light, mirrored glass tube, electric cable | Islamic Arts Festival 2017 | Sharjah Art Museum, UAE | © Hitoshi Kuriyama |

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Hitoshi Kuriyama | ∴ 0=1 -fluctuation 2016 | neon sign, glass, vacuum of 1×10⁻⁵ Pa, electric cable | St. Cyriakus, Bad Boll | © Hitoshi Kuriyama |

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