Exhibition | March 11 – 14,  2020  

Cologne – Four Nights in Lights

On four evenings, COLLUMINA will provide a temporary exhibition course for the second time in Cologne, within the ancient Roman settlement area. Fourteen works of art by 20 international artists who use light as material, medium or metaphor will be on show in public space. The Academy of Media Arts Cologne under the direction of Mischa Kuball and the Saar Academy of Fine Arts in Saarbrücken under the direction of Daniel Hausig are involved in the project. The Museum of Applied Arts Cologne, the Chocolate Museum nearby the Rhine, the St. Peter Art Station, the Roman-Germanic Museum as well as the House of Architecture Cologne and the House of Foundations are also contributing.

Participating Artists: 

Caitlind r. c. Brown + Wayne Garrett – CLOUD
Ali Chakav + Joel Jaffe + Navid Razavi – Urbanrecall
Martin Creed – DON’T WORRY
Martin Fell + François Schwamborn – Nervous Growing
Raphael Haider – Deviation
Hartung | Trenz – UNIVERS_E
Daniel Hausig – Wetterleuchten
Hans Kotter – Cliffs (Licht – Farbe – Raum)
Adriana Kuiper + Ryan Suter – Sunburn
Denzel Russell – töne des blau
Qimeng Sun – Mermaid
Yuè Wang – Encoding
Ingo Wendt – Seifenblasen Projektor


captions :

in the slider:

Ingo Wendt | Seifenblasen Projektor | since 2014 | Overhead projector with 675W MSR lamp, soap water reservoir, aquarium air pump | Photo: Ingo Wendt | Courtesy of the artist and COLLUMINA, Cologne |

in the text:

Ali Chakav, Joel Jaffe, Navid Razavi | urbanrecall | 2020 | Audiovisual installation (60 min) with subsequent installation | 4-channel projections | 4:4:1 sound installation | Photo: Mira Hanak | Courtesy of the artists and COLLUMINA, Cologne |

Daniel Hausig | Wetterleuchten | 2019 | luminous objects from the work group tubes & stripes, | double-sided LED matrix, aluminium construction | acrylic glass, various programmed light sequences| 200 x 200 x 20 cm | installation view: Museum Ritter 2019 | Photo: Daniel Hausig | Courtesy of the artist and COLLUMINA, Cologne |