Invisible Dimensions | 2016

From the mid-90s Carlo Bernardini’s research has turned to the idea of space not as abstract formulation but as vital reality. Working with a unique system of fiber optics, Bernardini creates a shifting, illusory network of illuminated lines that traverse the space. Viewers’ processes of perception are challenged and overturned as they enter the created environment, experiencing it from within and without. This is a form of creativity that works on the basis of a code of modifications in space reflecting variants produced by light. The optical fibers only reveal the empty space they enclose in a subsequent phase of perception. The observer can enter into a sort of illusory space. Bernardini’s work may be an attempt to see exactly this, namely the projection of the space beyond the visible size, leaving us to guess exactly those that may be the ‘extra’ dimensions or invisible dimensions that escape our perception.

Carlo Bernardini |Milan/I

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Carlo Bernardini | Invisible Dimensions | 2016 | Optic fibers installation, H 5,22 x 18,50 x 7,00 | Milano, La Porta di Milano, Aeroporto di Malpensa, (Terminal 1) |