Stage design Malerwanderweg | Jan Doms

Bernardine de Neve Award

Halucinating images

The way in which Jan Doms applies glass in both architectural sculptures and in dynamic sculptures that play a central role in his performances, has everything to do with the working of light. The glass disk acts as a moving reflecting surface, a feature that is extra articulated during the performance of the multi-disciplinary performance ‘Tanzen auf dem Malerwanderweg’ through the application of light animation and projection. The use of light (animation) can make the glass disc completely transparent and change it to an impenetrable mirror one second later. Because the dynamic disc – in fact a glass dance floor that is put in motion by the dancer – the light and light reflection changes continuously. This results in constantly changing and halucinating images.



Jan Doms | Stage design Malerwanderweg – Glass disc (8 m diameter) | 2017 | © Jan Doms, photo: Martin Stoop