teamLab – au delà les limites

Exhibition | May 15  – September 9, 2018

Light and painting – an exuberant symbiosis

teamLab is an interdisciplinary group of technology-inspired artists, founded in 2001 around the visionary Inoko Toshiyuki in Tokyo. They develop expansive light art works based on web and system integration, which seek to approach nature in an immersive way. Rooted in the traditions of historical Japanese art, teamLab works on a concept called ‘ultrasubjective space’. The artists use the ability of light to spread in space and in homogeneous media such as air or water in an overflowing and opulent way. Often, the concepts of the artworks are interactive and participatory: previous visual states can never be replicated and will never occur again. – The interview was conducted by Helena Horn with teamLab. The interview was conducted by Helena Horn with Xirui Chai of teamLab, Tokio/JP

Read the complete article in the May issue of ArtLight.



in the slider:

teamLab | au delà les limites | 2018 | La Villette, Paris | Digital Work |

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teamLab | 2017 | Enso in the Qing Dynasty Wall | 2017 | Digital Work, 18min 30sec,  loop