| LICHTUNGEN II-Wien | 2010 | 

My light-installations are always closely connected to the actual space. The location becomes an integral part of the work which, due to the individual programming of the light, always produces change and new relationships. The vertical fluorescent tubes in ‘glades’ (‘Lichtungen’) initially appear like a graphic, rhythmic drawing, but penetrate deep into the spatial dimensions. Furthermore the relationships within the group of 21white, as well as coloured fluorescent tubes, alter with the spectator’s movement. The group appears to be ‘in conversation’ with itself, as well as the surrounding area. The installation creates an area that suggests a reflection of the essence and meaning of communication.

Andreas Schmid, Berlin/De

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| Andreas Schmid | Lichtungen II-Wien | 2010 | Bilder über Bilder – Diskursive Malerei von Albers bis Zobernig | Daimler Kunstsammlung, MUMOK Wien | im Besitz der Daimler Kunstsammlung | Foto: Andreas Schmid | © Andreas Schmid, VG Bildkunst Bonn |