Light has the extraordinary potential to allow us to define and manipulate space: “Without light there is no space”, Robert Wilson. In working with light, I am interested in space, which becomes a living frame to every light installation, in contrast to Mark Rothko’s no frame concept, and also to the individual emotions of visitors. The location, the ‘Schlossbergstollen’, abandoned caves and tunnels in the centre of Graz, was the inspiration for this project. Reclaiming the space for the public and giving it a new function through art, mainly Light Art. The public is confronted with art without expecting it. Visitors engage with the visited space and share experience, while sharing space.
‘Illusion’ embraces six site-specific light installations dealing with the phenomena of colour, perception, spontaneity and experience. Colour, one of the deepest, most important and, at the same time, difficult issues in relation to light, creates an emotional response to the space. Colours are perceived in relation to the surroundings, the ‘Schlossbergstollen’, but their perception is subjective, emotional, varying from individual to individual.

Ada Kobusiewicz | Illusion| Austria, Graz, Schlossbergstollen | 2019 | Photo: © Ada Kobusiewicz || MEHR LICHT, Association for the Promotion of Art in Public Space | Ada Kobusiewicz | Marc Hahn | Radmila Stanković | Gerlinde M. Traussnig | Isabella Holzmann | Lidija Krienzer Radojević | Monika Heis | Cormac Franklin || Partner: Graz Tourism | Klanglicht Festival | City of Graz Cultural Office | Graz Immobilien | Schullin | VM Electronik | Light Bridge ||

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