Exhibition | 26 June – 28 August 2021

Phenomena of viewing

In this exhibition, the sensory properties of light and colour are of particular importance. All artworks dispense with mimetic or depictive elements, they are non-representational or abstract throughout. They do not formulate a readable narrative. The show is about the perception of artworks and the highly diverse aspects of an aesthetic of difference. All works use light as a medium and reflect different lighting situations in their own way.

Participating artists:

Achim Zeman
Annette Sauermann
Camill Leberer
Dirk Salz
Frank Piasta
Hans Kotter
Harald Schmitz-Schmelzer
Jürgen Paas
Monika Radhoff-Troll
Regine Schumann
Rita Rohlfing
Sabine Funke

For the viewing of the artworks in PURE, changing one’s point of view, physically as well as intellectually, is of great importance. At every moment, the vibrating coloured light fields change and transcend into a colour-spatial light effect. Intuitively, there is an interactive interrelationship between the pure phenomenality of the object and its contemplation. The exhibition involves the viewer and the act of seeing becomes a highly individual and new experience.

From the material as light source toward immateriality

The 12 artists presented primarily use artificial materials: plastic, PVC, acrylic glass, silicone, epoxy resin and adhesive foils. This list in itself shows that the focus is on the aspects of transparency and lightness, malleability and resistance to breakage, but above all on the lucid. The materials serve as light sources and powerfully radiate into the space. The enigma of what is actually being seen is a central motif. Material reality and appearance are inextricably linked here. Under certain lighting conditions, caustic light or colour fringes form. The material not only serves to furnish the work, but with its compositional elements also appears as form, colour and light. Its boundaries dissolve. With their often smooth and shiny surfaces, the materials enhance the work’s properties and support the light effect in the room. Some artworks seem to shine from within themselves and create an amazing presence.

Aura and other ephemeral phenomena

As diverse as the artistic positions, questions, aims and ultimately the objects in their form are, they are equally effective in a dialectical relationship, in a dynamic and almost energetic tension with each other. But where does this tension between them and them and the surrounding space come from? Why is the viewer unable to resolve this conflict?

Seeing, with its innate, perceptual-psychological laws, is not a mere registering, but always an interpretation of visual information. Therefore, perception is highly subjective and even misleading. There is a gap between perception and reality that cannot be closed >> a highly critical fact: one must not trust one’s eyes!

| Hans Kotter | In a bubble | 2020 | LED, Plexiglas, Metal; 68 x 80 cm |
Galerieansicht > Frank Piasta | Ziemlich 2.6, Ziemlich 2.5, Ziemlich 2.9, Ziemlich 2.510 |  2021 | Silikon, Pigment und Spiegel, 60 x 48cm |
Annette Sauermann | 2021 | rot + orange fluoreszierendes, farbloses Plexiglas | 117 x 115,5 x 4cm Galerieansicht > rechts –  Dirk Salz | DSM/M 949, #2669 | 2021 | Resinworks / deep dives, Pigmente und Harz auf Multiplex (ungerahmt), 140 x 100 x 12cm
Mitte – Jürgen Paas |  JUKEBOX | 2020 | PVC, Multiplex, 106 x 106 x 8cm |
Links – Regine Schumann | Color satin green Karlsruhe | 2016 | Acrylglas, fluoreszierend, 160 x 150 x 10cm |