Exhibition | January 2015 –  2017 

A lightchoreograhie in the Ulm Minster

Bright, white light fills the entire building of Ulm Minster. The radiant light penetrates from the inside to the outside, slowly it fills the architecture. There are LED lights installed on six rails, so a moving choreography creates a contrasting, rhythmic play with contours, light and shadow in the delicate gothic tracery of the Ulm Cathedral. Two rails are mounted on the base of the tower octagon at a height of about 75 meters, while four more rails are installed in the area of ​​the tower helm at around 110 meters.

Space, time and movement are the composition elements of this enchanting light choreography by Joachim Fleischer.

For about a quarter of an hour, the loop of the impressive installation is completed. A team installed 23 spotlights in the cathedral tower, 17 other stationary lights illuminate the corners of the tower and the facade. The position of the lamps does not only does change, but the speed of the movement also varies. It was important for the artist to be careful with the historical building: “We have attached the components to the railings and not to the stone, and their colour has been adapted to the structure.”

Joachim Fleischer (* 1960 at Ravensburg) has appeared with numerous light installations in Germany and in Basel, Graz, Budapest, Reykjavik, Bristol and Barcelona. Fleischer was the artistic director for the lighting project “Aufstieg” 2016 of the KulturRegion Stuttgart. – He lives and works in Stuttgart.



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Joachim Fleischer | Münsterscanning. Ulmer Münster | @ Foto: Frank Kleinbach

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Joachim Fleischer | Münsterscanning. Ulmer Münster | @ Foto: Frank Kleinbach

Joachim Fleischer | Münsterscanning. Ulmer Münster | @ Foto: Frank Kleinbach

Foto: © Volkmar Könneke für Südwestpresse 17.01.2015

Foto: © Johannes Koch für Verein für Kirche und Kunst