Exhibition | August 28, till Dezember 18, 2016

The Magic of the Dark

The exhibition shows that many artists focus on the colour black. They are driven by questions about the reliability of our perception, to see blackness and darkness, to understand the width of the cosmos and search for truth. These themes are not conceivable without the permanent analysis of light. Black is a challenge to our perception.

The non-visible and objects that don’t reflect any light beams are converted by the colour named black into the realm of the visible. Yes, we see black! Black comprises the paradox, which convert the non- visible into the visible and therefore also leads us into areas of the unknown and not safeguarded…

The complete article from Sabine Elsa Müller you find in the actual print magazine ArtLight 2016/1

Alice Musiol |
untitled | 2014 | velvet, wood |
390 x 485 x 270 cm (Detail) | Photo: Edin Bajrić |© VG BILD-KUNST Bonn, 2016

photo in the text:

Sebastian Jochum |

Willst Du immer weiter schweifen? | 2016 | Fotografie, Skulptur, Zeichnung, Malerei | Foto: Michael Wittassek