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1988 – 1995 |   Trained as a goldsmith and University of Wismar in jewellery design
1995 und 1996  |  Prize in Design at fair of jewellery Ussifa/Hamburg in Gold
1999  | Founded his own atelier and gallery in Erfurt
2007  | Member of the German Society of Jewellery
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Ute Wolff-Brinckmann (*1970, Wismar)

Her small “body sculptures” live by the direct effect of light. It falls through the openings and breakthroughs or shines through the gems and creates exciting highlights, shadows and overlappings. Her work is determined by the interplay of material , space and light.

The casting technique allows her to work intensely three-dimensional or to duplicate natural forms. In designing her jewellery the process of arising and becoming means an adventurous journey. When she starts working on a rough block she slowly approaches the form she was planning. She first creates the outer shape and hollows it out and on, till only fragile walls remain and the form gets transparent and lighter. This procedure creates inner forms, which cannot be predetermined. Her jewellery want to be statement and identification, want to be worn on the body and understood as a companion.

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captions from bottom up:

Neck jewellery “bars” – 600mm long, ornament 45 x 45mm, silver, rutile quartz | 2014

Neck jewellery “seen through”  – 300 x 300 x 5mm, cross-section of quartz, silver, casting resin | 2013

Ring “seen through”  – 300 x 300 x 5mm, cross-section of quartz, silver, casting resin | 2013

Neck jewellery “Luffa”  – 50 x 50 x 10mm, cast silver | 2016