LumiereScene & SpaceCircles

Inhabitated spaces | 2019

A journey through forgotten geographies. Inhabited a long time ago and then lost in obscurity in the hands of nature and time. Architectures in the process of fossilisation. Companions of the soil and friends with the plants and stones. The project of LumiereScene & SpaceCircles travels through the landscapes of Spain. It is about to find and live in these lost places during the day and to embrace the space with light installations at night. The photo shows ‚Santa Maria de Cameros‘, an abandoned village after a rural exodus 70 years ago. These places demand the right to remember their people, their way of life and their relationship to nature – in the fight against oblivion. At present it is inhabited only by horses and by this project of fleeting and ephemeral lights.

| LumiereScene & SpaceCircles | Inhabited Spaces | 2016 | Santa Maria de Cameros, La Rioja/Spain | Photo: © LumiereScene & SpaceCircles | VIMEO |



This installation is composed by fossilised objects and is made from gleaned materials that are brought back to life by the light. It works on the poetry of rusty old objects left behind by people, forgotten over time, getting now a current purpose with the light and space around them. By contacting these objects you think about their forms, history, existence and destiny as if they were individuals. ‘Gleaned Lights’ uses intervened light tubes that float like falling water, light flasks, a caged bulb and broken glass that gravitate like a small universe.

| LumiereScene & SpaceCircles | Gleaned Lights | 2019 | Sporting Club Russafa, Valencia/Spain | Photo: © LumiereScene & SpaceCircles | VIMEO |VIMEO |

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