Interference | 2017

Jürgen Eichler deals with three-dimensional coloured light structures in space. They reflect special properties of light that are rarely used in light art: coherence and interference. These three-dimensional images of light are made possible by the technique of holography. In the works, holographic elements with their spectrally pure colours are combined with coloured graphic material. In front and behind of the graphic float delicate structures or three-dimensional images in space, which change with the movement of the observer. The normal colours of the graphics are superimposed on the spectral colours of the hologram. A unique additive and subtractive colour mixing takes place, which depends dynamically on the observer’s line of sight. The holographic works deal with the nature of light, the different colours in space and the effects on the eye and brain. It is about the properties of seeing and the question of the reality of the seen.

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| Jürgen Eichler | Interference | 2017/2018 / Three-dimensional structures of light | Collages with reflection hologram and chalk drawing 20 x 30 cm | Dichromatic  film on glass | Photo: Jürgen Eichler |