Light Intersections II | 2021 

LIGHT INTERSECTIONS II extracts and abstracts the perspective lines of a decayed architectural structure and reinserts them back into the building as rays of light. Light beams puncture the walls, ceiling, and windows across the two levels, and mutate into perfectly aligned, stringent lines in the real space. The idea is based on an abstracted two-point perspective that pierces the exterior and interior walls of the building, emphasising its dilapidated state. The site-specific artwork transforms this 19th century building in Sydney fully and brings it back to new life.

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| light intersections II | Ian Strange | Client: City of Sydney | Location: Surrey Hills, Sydney, Australia | architecture + design: OFFICE | Production: scoundrel projects | Producers: Jedda Andrews (Ian Strange Studio) / Holly Winter, Adrian Shapiro (scoundrel projects) | The installation was unveiled during Australia’s mid-2021 lockdown and was on view for 10 days between 24 June- 4 July 2021 |