Exhibition | March 4  –  May 8, 2022 

Phenomena of viewing II

The concept of the exhibition is based on different levels of painting. All artworks relate to the wall and reveal their origins in painting. They have reduced their vocabulary of form to basic geometric structures, because the material they are based on not only serves as material equipment, but colour, form and light appear as central compositional elements as well.

There is no narrative

All the artworks are abstract and do not formulate a recognisable narrative; they do not represent anything in a pictorial sense and are non-representational throughout. All these works do without mimetic elements, they do not formulate a decreed pictorial programme and do not refer to anything outside themselves.

Multiple refractions and form overlays

The colours with their sensory properties are not a means to an end, but stand for themselves. They shine, glow, radiate or glimmer intensely and take over the space. Transparent, lucid plastics such as PVC, acrylic glass, silicone, epoxy resin or adhesive foils allow light to enter. With their often smooth, reflective and shiny surfaces, they enhance their material properties and support the light effect in the room. Under certain conditions, caustic plays of light or colour fringes are formed; the materials themselves function as illuminants and radiate powerfully into their surroundings. Thus, the boundaries of the artwork are dissolved. The result is an oscillation between pure materiality and ephemeral dissolution in light.

Perception is highly subjective and even deceptive

The mysteriousness of what is seen is a central motif and reading a work of art becomes an individual experience. With every movement of the viewer, the vibrating coloured light fields change and transcend into a coloured spatial light effect. Intuitively, there is an interactive interrelationship between the pure phenomenality of the object and how it is looked at.


participating artists:

Kirstin Arndt
Dieter Balzer
Michael Burges
Gerhard Froemel
Edda Jachens
Manuel Knapp
Michael Laube
Lydia Mammes
Sybille Pattscheck
Robert Steng
Gaby Terhuven
Annett Zinsmeister


Bildunterschriften :

| Manuel Knapp | TRIBAL | 2022 | 169x105x23cm | Holz, Baumwolle, Zahnstocher, Dispersionsfarbe |

| Edda Jachens | SCHICHTUNGEN 230719 | 2019 | Aquarell | 97 x 67 cm |