suites 146  | 2016

It is these radiant colour fields of monochrome glass panels which fill cool architecture with intensive colour moods. Dominique Jézéquel (*1951/F) reduces colour and form to a radical minimum, thus the spaces become places of physical and emotional experience. In light the presence of colour becomes fascinating. Light offers the opportunity of motion. In my videos the colours are lively. Big surfaces are illuminated from behind and immerse spaces with coloured light which changes continuously. This way, surprising effects are possible and the serial principle forces our seeing to the differentiation. First I conceive four colours on the computer. This number of four colours is the minimum necessary to control the perception of the colours, because there is a relationship of interdependence between colours and I am exploring chromatic interactions. I am working on the emotional power of colours. The art-pieces have to take a natural place in the architecture and be of a sufficient size to allow our mind to enter into the surface of the colour. It is also a matter of equilibrium between the art-piece and the environment. Perception is the way we see colours, which is related to the field of colours one can see. Feelings release physical sensations which are extremely subjective.

Dominique Jézéquel, Brest/F

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Dominique Jézéquel  | suites 146 et 143 – 2015 | Videoprojektions 5 m X 2,5 m and 4 m X 2,5 m |

Dominique Jézéquel  | suites 157 et 158 – 2015 | Videoprojektions 1,2 m X 2 m and 1,2 m X 2 m |