REGINE SCHUMANN | reflection _ mirrors on the wall

Exhibition | March 24 – June 17, 2017 

Atmospherically charged oscillations 

Regine Schumann (*1961 Goslar/D) rearranges rooms with the help of colour and light in atmospherically charged oscillations and generates almost physical palpable experiences. She utilises industrially produced plastic materials, almost exclusively fluorescent acrylic glass sheets, that under black light transform into luminous light objects.

The installations significantly alter the functional realities of the space, as the lustrous colour schemes generate an intoxicating, chromatic aura. – Helena Horn spoke to Regine Schumann for ArtLight.

Read the big interview with Regine Schumann in:  ArtLight Magazine 2017”2 / print



in the slider:

| Regine Schumann | color rainbow unna, 2015 | acrylic, fluorescent |  110 x 260 x 10 cm |


it is the same art piece, only the light changed:

Regine Schumann | color satin and transparent miami, 2015  in day light and black light | acrylic, fluorescent, 7 pieces | 70 x 8 x 15 cm |