Lighting Design

Course | Bauhaus Summer School 2017 

To explore the tension between light, space and perception at Bauhaus Summer School 2017

It’s an introductory course into architectural lighting design, going to explore the science and aesthetics of light, as well as atmosphere and its effect on perception and behaviour. This will be done in an artistic and theoretic manner. We are going to look into aesthetics of space and how lighting design can add emotion to atmosphere and create a sense of well being in a space.

The course is a mixture of theoretical input and practice oriented assignments that looks at light as a dimension of space, and one that creates atmosphere. The participants will be introduced to methods used to analyse lighting settings and communicate lighting ideas. In this introduction to architectural lighting design, you will be learning some of the lighting basics, gain technical know-how, whilst creating experimental lighting settings using a hands-on approach.

It is the target learn to understand light: how light and its components define space, understand the impact of light on our perception of space, learn to observe lighting effects, to design with light, to use different techniques of visualising light, and to incorporate light in your design projects – these can be architecture, interior design or product design.

Lecturer will be Sabine De Schutter | since 2015: curator and co-organiser of the light festival, conference and light workshops Tartu Valgus ‘16, Tartu, ESTONIA