Light-Space-Exploration | Margareta Hesse

Exhibition | September 15 —  November 12, 2O17

Caution Danger!

The laser installation by Margareta Hesse (* 1956/D) in the historic cellar in Berlin burn and glow red trails in the darkness under the earth. (see catalog “Laser.Licht.Raeume” by Pamela C. Scorzin, 2011) The large, labyrinthine cellar from the 15th century under the residence of mayors and Prussian regimental commanders in Spandau can be carefully wandered by the visitors and they meet the glaring red light. At first you may be afraid of being hurt by the light.

Addional comes a very disturbing, almost aggressive humming and hissing, unknown, threatening sounds and sounds swinging through the cellar. The enormous effect of the laser installations lies in their intensity: one can not escape the emotional high voltage which the laser light generates in the cellar.



| Margareta Hesse |Laser installation “lichtschneise I”, Künstlerzeche Herne 2008, lasers, mirrors, sound | Photo: Marco Witkowski |

| Margareta Hesse | Laser installation “lichtschneise V”, Wasserreservoir Museums Mathildenhöhe, Darmstadt |  2010, lasers, mirrors, sound  | Photo: Margareta Hesse |

| Margareta Hesse | Laser installation “lichtschneise VI”, Kunstverein Linz |  2011 | lasers, mirrors, sound | Photo: Margareta Hesse |