Light Parcours 2020 Braunschweig

Exhibition | June 13 – October 9, 2020

The artistic exploration of the watercourse of the Oker and its 24 bridges is at the focus of the Lightparcours 2020. For centuries, the historic city centre of Braunschweig has been significantly influenced by this topographically dominant river. The works of art have been conceived site-specifically in an examination of the geography and history of Braunschweig.

19 Positions – Light Art

15 works, both sculptural and pictorial, have been developed by international artists.
4 permanent installations of past Lightparcours’ are included in this year’s exhibition,
so that a total of 19 works will be shown:

Nevin Aladağ – Color-floating 1 & Color-floating 2
Benjamin Bergmann – Acqua Alta
Mark Dion – Elster Flohmarkt (Lichtparcours 2004)
Tim Etchells – IN THE TREES
FORT & Anna Jandt – Hellsinki
Yvonne Goulbier –Evokation in Rot (Lichtparcours 2010)
Martin Groß – TIRED EYES
Institut für Architekturbezogene Kunst der TU Braunschweig – Kieloben
Sven-Julien Kanclerski – stranded drifter
Brigitte Kowanz – Light Steps
Lotte Lindner & Till Steinbrenner – EKSTASE II
Bjørn Melhus – THE BEAT GOES ON
Fabrizio Plessi – Bogen der Erinnerung (Lichtparcours 2000)
Anselm Reyle – She will o the wind
Michael Sailstorfer – Solarkatze (Lichtparcours 2016)
Paul Schwer – Die Wärterin
Julian Turner, Florian Pfaffenberger & Andreas Harrer – Bar du Bois
Johannes Wohnseifer – No Sleep
Joseph Zehrer – Neptuns combo


Braunschweig and its urban spaces, as well as the parks dominated by vegetation, animals and the river, will become an artistic narrative for all visitors during the Lightparcours: powerful, colourful or abstract works of art intervene in the public space permeated by lighting, hectic and functionality. Other artistic positions set poetic and picturesque accents that critically reflect our zeitgeist. Analytical positions use the power of pictorial, but also language-oriented art, which has developed stirring images for the upcoming climatic and social changes. It becomes clear that the Lightparcours is about the existence and presence of all living beings in the world. The light remains immaterial, but is constantly in motion. This reflective and mirroring world of light escapes physical experience; on the other hand, the play of reflections on the surface of the water opens up to continuing parallel worlds.

The jury has invited the artists:

Stefan Gronert – Curator, Sprengel Museum in Hannover
Anja Hesse – Head of the Department of Culture, City of Braunschweig
Jule Hillgärtner – Director, Braunschweig Art Association
Dorothea Hilliger – Vice President, University of Fine Arts in Braunschweig
Karola Kraus – Director, Mumok in Vienna
Roland Nachtigäller – Director, Museum MARTa in Herford
Vanessa Ohlraun – President, University of Fine Arts in Braunschweig
Susanne Pfleger – Director, Municipal Gallery in Wolfsburg



in the text:

Lotte Lindner & Till Steinbrenner | 2020 | Entwurf: EKSTASE II | © Till Steinbrenner Germany
Mark Dion  | Der Elster Flohmarkt | 2004 |  © Martin Simon Müller, Kai Behrendt
Anselm Reyle | She will o the wind | 2020 | © Stadt Braunschweig, Daniela Nielsen
Tim Etchells | IN THE TREES | 2020 | © Visualisierung: Kassebaum Werbetechnik