lichtsicht 6 | Projektions-Biennale

Biennial | September29, 2017 – January 28,  2018

Light images projected onto black-thorn walls

With a »Best Of«  lichtsicht 1 to 5, the Projections-Biennale celebrates the tenth anniversary of its existence in Bad Rothenfelde in the coming winter. The spa resort in the Lower Saxony’s tri-cities of Osnabruck, Münster and Bielefeld now once again stands in the light of the projectors with video-and light art. For the sixth time lichtsicht gathers together international video-and media artists to an event that is unique in innovation, fascination, as well as scope. It presents 21 highlights from the previous five biennales.

It was lichtsicht that established the young art form between slides, film, video and digital painting. And indeed it worked: the innovations of the projector technique currently drives the artists away from the museums and people follow them into the public space.

In Bad Rothenfelde over fifty high-intensity projectors throw images onto the around eleven metres high and over one kilometre long graduation walls of the historic saltworks. These structures from the 18th century, that today turn Bad Rothenfelde into a health spa, were once a part of the saltworks to increase the salt concentration in the brine through the evaporation of water. On the walls of the black thorn branches the brine is smelt to the crystallisation of the salt. On the lime-and iron encrustations of the thin branches salt water runs in thin veils and drops. Their reflections lend the moving images a fascinating iridescent character.

Initially curated by Manfred Schneckenburger, in 2015 the role was taken over by Peter Weibel, director of the ZKM | Centre for Arts and Media in Karlsruhe. Thus far both these curators   guaranteed lichtsicht a top class choice in artistic perspective, from scholarly-aesthetic approaches to interactive works of tone- and image art, through to politically inspired pieces. Peter Weibel’s statement: » The aim of the lichtsicht-projections-biennale is to demonstrate the new spectrum of projection art to the level of artistic and technical development. It is about pure light projections and computer controlled video effects. The intense stimulation of the different sensory organs, of the eye to the ear, through innovative technically controlled stimuli transports people to a new aesthetic experience. The allure of light is nowadays definable as information. The newest level of projection art is therefore data- and information art. Lichtsicht would like to offer this development space.«

The artists exhibit overwhelmingly strong images on varying themes, such as salt and water as primary the elements of life, to fractal recollections of the Biblical creative act to glowing seas of flames or unfamiliar tiny living organisms. Additionally, connections to history and geography of the area as well as time-sensitive, dramatically thrilling, lyric inspiring or conceptual reflecting works that reveal wonderful happenings and experiences on the graduation walls.

In 2015 lichtsicht was awarded the prestigious ‘Deutscher Kulturförderpreis 2015’. Lichtsicht-Projections-Biennale offers a world wide unique forum of international projection art. Lichtsicht belongs to Germany’s most important events for art in the public arena. Once again the unique oppportunity to experience these projections in person in Bad Rothenfelde is on offer to everyone.

Participating artists:

AES+F, Michael Bielicky & Kamila B. Richter, Holger Förterer, Harald Fuchs, Eyal Gever, Mihai Grecu, Detlef Hartung & Georg Trenz, Ryoji Ikeda, Andreas M. Kaufmann, William Kentridge, Sigalit Landau, MIOON (Min Kim, Moon Choi), Moon Kyungwon & Jeon Joonho, Klaus Obermaier, rosalie, Martin Rosenthal, Robert Seidel, Kanjo Také, Urbanscreen, Katarina Veldhues & Gottfried Schumacher und Claudia Wissmannn.


Im Slider:

rosalie | Marathon der Tiere | 2015 | 6-channel projection, HD video, 25:00 min, stereo | Music: Ludger Brümmer | Video editing: Dagmar Vinzenz | Project cooperation: Thomas Jürgens | Photo: Franz Wamhof

im Text:

Mihai Grecu | The Impenetrable | 2013 | Photo: Carola Loeser

Claudia Wissmannn | Prime Time | 2011 |  Installation with video projection on car in water, design / installation for lichtsicht 2011 | Photo: Carola Loeser

Robert Wilson |  Video Portraits | 2004-2015 | Photo: Franz Wamhof

Eyal Gever | Water Dancer | 2015 | 3D simulation, 1-channel projection on screen of water droplets from a fountain, stereo | Photo: Angela von Brill