Hinrich Gross’ works are mostly site specific and related to a location. The ceiling height defines the whole installation, it determines the size of the squares which are projected onto the floor and displayed on the bulkhead. A new order shapes the sense of spaciousness. Due to the illusionistic continuation of the vertical room the passable space expands, in the perception of the visitor, in an encompassing way. As soon as the beholder enters the installation this perception becomes a picture puzzle. Nevertheless, the bubble does not burst, but a second level is getting uncovered and the so far static installation in turning into an animated impression: There is a subtle reference to the video piece of Sol de Witt in 1979 dedicated to Lucinda Childs, a random dance of shadows gets started that excitingly interacts with the clear system of the floor-grid and transforms the visitor into a part of the installation.

Stephanie Rilling-Gilles M.A., Landshut/DE

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| Hinrich Gross | Lumen Ligneum | 2017 | 3 floor light fields, 1 wall video projection | 15 x 2.5 x 2.5 m | Neue Galerie Landshut/DE | Photo: Hinrich Gross | © VG Bildkunst |