Crossing | Helga Griffiths

Exhibition | September 22, 2017 –  January 14, 2018

From archaic senses to an animated flight over genetic codes

Helga Griffiths (*1959 Ehingen/Germany) has been working for over 25 years, not only with the medium light, but mainly at the intersection of science and art.

Using combinations of visual, acoustic, haptic, dynamic and even olfactory elements, her installations enable the percipient to immerse in a multi-sensory space and to experience memories, emotions that originate from the ideas of the artist, but not necessarily identical with hers. The intuitive level of the sensory immersion experience facilitates the transcending of perception to focus on immediate experience of one’s own body.

HH: What does science mean to you and how has it influenced your artistic work?

HG: Science offers a technological aspect of our surroundings, measuring, using instruments that transport us into remote areas, or allow a macro- or microscopic view – which I often translate into immersive architectural spaces, that can be walked through. I use scientific methods, turning inside out, applying surrealistic imaginations to create another inner view of ourselves and consciousness e.g. make visible the landscapes of the human brain or the genetic code, that contains the most secret information and defines our identity.

Read the whole interview in ArtLight, the August 2017 issue.



in the slider:

| Helga Griffiths |Odyssee | Installation in der Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken |  Fotograf:  Anton Minayev

in the text:

| Helga Griffiths | Dark Gravity | Darmstadt Kunsthalle | 2017| Installation 4 x 4 x 3 m | Wood, Carpet, Video, Sound, Scent | Photograph: Gregor Schuster  |

| Helga Griffiths |Turbulent Souvenirs | 2012  | 20.000 Perfume Test Papers, Ultraviolet Light, Sound and historic scent of L’Heure Bleue | Photograph:  Otto Saxinger, Linz |

| Helga Griffiths |Installation “Migratory Sense” Scent-Lightobjekt | Installation in the Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken |  Fotograf:  Anton Minayev |