Adam Barker-Mill

Exhibition | November 24, 2019 – February 16, 2020

Deceptively simplistic appearance

Adam Barker-Mill (*1940, Somerset/UK) has been studying the physical properties of light since the 1960s. His works have a deceptively simplistic appearance, allowing the viewer to maintain an idealistic visual, acutely unaware of the carefully structured designs, which generate, manipulate and modulate light. His works are characterized by formal austerity, which takes a step back behind the magical unfolding of coloured light allowing a concentrated experience of the often in certain rhythms changing light fields, due to the viewers positioning and natural light conditions. –A “Colour Cube” designed for Ahlen will be publicly installed as a permanent installation.


Caption photo in the  slider:

| Adam Barker-Mill | Disco | 2 Alubon and MDF, aluminium and LED lamps 152.8 cm diameter | Courtesy Bartha Contemporary, London|