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Media + Adverts

We put your campaign lavishly in the limelight

ArtLight offers sophisticated advertising

All, who are looking not only for an excellent environment for their art but also attach great importance to reaching a high-calibre readership for whom enjoyment, education and culture belong together, are in good hands at ArtLight. We understand art as a driving force in our world.

ArtLight is inspiring

We explain and communicate important contemporary and historic developments of culture on the interface between art and light, that readers can more consciously choose art objects that are sources of long-lasting pleasure and that lastingly preserve their value – or increase in worth – with the passage of time.

ArtLight is demanding

For demanding readers, artists and culture-professionals.
We have ideas and a high standard of our concept and of a result that will evolve permanently on. We create sound and solid information with enjoyment of art and light – exclusive and diverse.

ArtLight links you up

We offer strong concepts for the implementation of your crossmedia campaigns. Leading artists, international museums, manufacturers, companies, galleries and trade fairs number among our advertising partners. Become part of a strong network that will help you increase public awareness of you and your artworks and boost your sales. Artlight :: Showroom is one of our attractive offers for a readership belonging to the highest socio- economic status.

You reach your customers without losses due to accurate targeting

ArtLight :: Showroom

for artists – Showroom is an advertorial in the print- und online-magazine.
One page in the print-magazine will be yours:  for a photo of one artpiece with your statement.

Become part of our strong network that will help you to increase your public awareness. ArtLight is an exquisite art magazine: gallerists, curators and collectors get their information here. Here you will be seen and found.

Prices and gifts – see PDF here.

ArtLight :: Print

strengthens your international reputation and supports your marketing.
Here you meet high-income jobbers, above-average educated art lovers, urban elites and culture consumers, who have an affinity for the internet to source information and new ideas as well for the pursuit of pleasure.
The cultural level of the articles and an understated stylish layout combine an internet platform, which is constantly updated and maintained.

Media kit – see PDF here.

ArtLight :: Online

will complement or might even replace your website.
To announce your exhibitions and events, or simply to remind people of you – to maintain your publicity and image we offer strong concepts.
Online you can publish your latest information. In the banner or calendar we effectively call attention to your event or to your project. Your upcoming dates will be published completely up-to-date, or given as advance notice in forward planning. Articles will appear when they are most relevant, with a picture gallery and a text in a beautiful layout. We put your project into the limelight.
The online article will be linked to your website and will be announced in the monthly newsletter.

prices and discounts – see PDF here.

ArtLight stands out against the mainstream media – by having class