L‘oiseau | 2017

The high reliefs of Klaus Geldmacher are concerts of light. His technical design principle and apparently has no substantive motivation, it is abstract like music, rather creates moods, atmospheres. But every geometrical figure could be traced back to nature, as the painting of Paul Cézanne had done in the opposite direction. Klaus Geldmacher takes the light in order to describe the function of light, it provides life. Besides, the element of light further facets the utilized materials and sheds light on the room, which would not succeed only by the materials in spite of their three-dimensionality. The light confers an aura to the materials and thereby an extraposition to the light objects. The waste product is the central object with which Geldmacher creates automatic machines which serve nothing but to be looked at. Like every art they accomplish no other function but to cause thoughts and emotions. Klaus Geldmacher’s games of light touch on memories in an auratic way, which is usually caused by sacral spaces. (Frank Schablewski, 2018 in the catalog “vis-á-vis” of the gallery Gerold d’Hamé, Mülheim an der Ruhr)

Klaus Geldmacher, Mülheim an der Ruhr/DE

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| Klaus Geldmacher | l‘oiseau | 2017 | Multiple (9 Exple.) | 45 x 45 x 15 cm | Light-emitting diodes, light bulbs, wood, metal, acrylic glass, cable | Photo: Gerold d‘Hamé | © VG Bildkunst |



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