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For this year’s Luminale, the internationally renowned installation artist Ingo Bracke transformed the Liebfrauen Church into a virtual masterwork of art with intoxicating beauty. Otherwise a place of silence in Frankfurt’s bustling city centre, Bracke’s performance immersed visitors in a perfectly balanced interplay of light, colour and music. – Ingo Bracke describes his cross-media work as a “light opera”, which follows an elaborate dramaturgy: He begins with Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor on the gramophone alongside a projection of hand-painted, colourful large slides before moving on to a live performance choreographed on the computer. The artist combines visual set pieces from the history of the church with passages from Wagner’s “Parsifal” and Berlioz’ “Great Mass of the Dead”. Real, sound and image space merge and condense into a sphere of transcendental, sometimes psychedelic experience of perception.

Heike Sütter, Curator | Frankfurt a. M./DE

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| Ingo Bracke | #ESWERDELICH:T | Light Opera for the Liebfrauen Church Frankfurt am Main, Luminale 2018 | Photo: Edda Dietrich | © VG-Bildkunst 2018 |



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